Get expert electrical

system upgrades

If you're having intermittent electrical interruptions or want to have more aesthetically pleasing commercial lighting, call Union Hill Electric. Our fully licensed and insured professionals can upgrade your electrical system and install your lighting. Protect your electronics and appliances from catastrophic surges.


Expert upgrades and installations

A service upgrade is needed when the power coming into your house is not enough to add the upgrades you want, such as central air conditioning or dedicated lines for increased power use.  Service upgrades include changing the service entrance cable that runs down the side of your house into your meter.  A new electrical panel is exchanged for your old one and all new breakers are installed.  This is also a good time to add a mechanical interlock for your portable generator hook-up. Ed always does the job according to National Electric Code standards and will take care of filing any permits needed with your town’s construction office.

•  Fuse to circuit breaker conversions

•  Whole new electrical system installations

•  Home and office

•  Patio lighting

•  Parking lot lighting

•  200 amp electrical panels

•  Surge protection

•  Grounding